‘Dher Aham Prithvi Tvam, Retoham Retabhru Tvam, Manoham Asmi Vaktim, Samaham Asmi Rikritvam, Sa Maam AnuvrutaBhava’

Translation: I am the sky and you are the earth. I transmit energy while you receive it from me. If I am the mind, you are the word that manifests from its thoughts. If I am a strain of music, then you are the song that stems from it. You and I, in essence, complete each other.

If we could describe South Asian weddings in one word, it would undoubtedly be the word: Unique. They are a perfect combination between the sacred, the traditions and the culture. They exude love, peace and respect while captivating you with an exquisite mix of colors and delicacy. Documenting a South Asian wedding is about telling a story full of magic and love..


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