Who we are

Our goal is not just to take pictures, but to make memories that will last a lifetime

Who we are

Capture the perfect moments that will make memories.

It all started as a dream that today is a reality. We are a team made up of people passionate about wedding photography, group events and all kinds of celebrations that fill those who hire us, their families and also their friends with joy. We are warm and honest people, whose satisfaction is to capture the beauty and originality of each event in photos and videos. We are moved by the greatest force that moves the world: love. Our engine is the passion for life, moments, art and love for everything that we cannot buy with money and that we would like to be eternal.


Experience the Difference with Our Professional Wedding Photography.

We are especially committed to constantly training and acquiring high-tech equipment in order to combine these two components with our skills and our passion for what we do, to deliver a high quality  product that, above all things, documents every detail and emotion of your special day step by step.

More than words, we want to show you that we are your best choice when deciding who will be responsible for capturing what today are moments and tomorrow will be memories left as a legacy from generation to generation.


Frequently Ask Questions

Not at the moment. Shoot & Burn is a way of giving you every single image on a DVD with no post-processing or edition whatsoever. Every single one of our photographs go through a series of filtering, selecting, post-processing and final exports to achieve the level of quality our brand wishes to maintain. We put a lot of heart and soul in every image on the moment of shooting as well as the edition to deliver the photographs you paid for.

There are many photographers of all levels and experiences offering different prices for what looks the same package or coverage. If a photographer offers to take your wedding pictures for a lowest rate there’s a very real risk they may not be able to produce the high quality pictures that you want. Someone offering their services for a low price could be just starting out in their trade or they might be part time. We have built up years of experience and have invested heavily in the correct equipment (also back-up equipment) and ongoing personal development and training. Our pictures are not the product of multiple accidents. They are very well thought and inspiration as well as experience are combined to produce the photographs you see on our website.

Most likely yes! We have worked in most resorts and wedding venues in the area and be sure that if we do not know the place we will scout it first to make sure you have incredible pictures for that day on all the special locations for that place.

We work with top of the line Nikon products. Nikon D4, Nikon D750 and Nikon D700. We take at least 3 full frame cameras to your wedding. We only carry prime lenses and zooms that are f/2.8 or faster for outstanding quality images. We probably have invested more in our equipment and education than we care to admit.

As you can see in our brochure, our Coral and Starfish collections are performed by a team of two professional photographers. Depending on resorts regulations for outsider vendors we might not be able to bring other assistants. But, ideal scenarios we will bring 2 photographers and 1 assistant.

Yes, there are some very talented people we can recommend if you wish. Just ask us in advance.

Yes, just contact us and we will give you a PDF with all the options you can choose for your day.

This is an exciting day for friends and family, and most will have a camera or device with them to record the memories. We welcome this as it provides lots of opportunities for unusual coverage. It is only a problem if guests get in the way of important shots – like the procession down the aisle, etc. Also, other people taking pictures during formal group shots can slow everything down by distracting the guests. Remember that at the end of the day you are paying your official photographer to get the photographs you want.

You can, although there is no need to give us a shot list. The only list we will ask for is your list of family group shots. When you contact us about information on our prices for your wedding we will ask you to look through our galleries of actual weddings we shoot. You will see that we are very thorough with our coverage, including shots of your dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, food and venues décor.

Yes! We love people that love photography and we pay attention to what our customer prefer in their images. We will be willing to experiment and take any advice you may want to give us to deliver the pictures you dream of.

With your written permission, yes! We tend to post our latest works both in our website and our fan page as well as different wedding photography blogs or sites to show our professional portfolio and give potential customers an idea of how their pictures may look like if they hire us.

No, we travel around in this country and international too. Just ask us for an estimate on the travel expenses. You will realize is very reasonable. We will always find the best and least expensive ways to get there and back without being an important part of your budget.

We love to take our time to edit every single picture to make sure they look their best before delivery, usually, this is done between 3-4 weeks but it all depends on the amount of work we have that month. If you need them in a different time-frame we can talk about options, just have to give us a heads-up.

Unfortunately, no, unless I can re-book the date. I may turn down other couples requesting your date in order to reserve your service, so I will lose business in the end. But, talk to us and we’ll come up with a plan that will work for both parties.

We always ask for a deposit to secure your date and simply because we may have other couples that might require our services for the same date. Your deposit will give you peace of mind by knowing that our services are booked in advance for your wedding. It also allows me to turn away other customers that may ask for our services on the same date.

It’s never too early! Once the date is set, please contact us to ask as many questions as you need and then reserve your date. Dates are not reserve until we receive the deposit.

First of all you need to contact us and give us the details of your wedding such us the date, potential place, etc. Then you select the wedding package you want and reserve the date by putting down a deposit.

We do a perfect mix of styles. Documentary, where we will record the events as they happen in the manner of a fly-on-the-wall, sometimes you will not notice we are there. Contemporary, where more informal shots and a more relaxed approach by us are on call, this will result in a greater level of spontaneity and fun. And finally Editorial where posed pictures and perfect lighting will give you outstanding images, perfect to hang in a wall as a painting would be.

Of course, we enjoy many years of experience in the area and we know the best places for pictures. We also know the most affordable, the most luxurious, the family oriented and the “couples only” resorts and we will give you advice and tips for every single one of them. We also have beautiful off-resort venues we can suggest that will make your day.

We are all very calm and mellow people who tend to blend into the scene rather that bring attention to ourselves. That combined with our photography style will have you both used to us within the first 30 minutes of your “getting ready” time. Most couples tell us it felt like we were just one more of the gang, hanging out with everyone, or that they didn’t even realized we were there at all. The only time you’ll really be aware of our cameras is during the family group shots and the creative portraits, and during this time we will guide you through everything. You can just be yourselves and we will take care of the rest.

Yes, depending on the country, there are places with more restrictions than others, just let us know about the place you would like us to travel and we’ll tell you our availability and travel expenses we may incur.

Yes, after many years in the market we have found partners that provides these services for JJ Studio Photo under the same company name. This is very helpful since some wedding venues or resorts may charge you a vendor fee per company.

"We help you preserve the best moments of your life."

We have more than 10 years of experience working both as onsite photographers for the most prestigious hotel chains in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, as well as serving as independent suppliers in the most important venues in the areas of Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta & Los Cabos.


JJ Studio Photo's Director in Punta Cana

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